Video of several feeding systems by ICM

For nearly 25 years, ICM has been designing and manufacturing its own medium and high speed feeding systems. Our know-how gives us complete control over the feeding of our automatic assembly machines.

We offer you an a feeding solution adapted to the nature of the parts to be fed, the required output rate or the autonomy, the selection or the controls to be carried out, …

You can find some of our achievements in the video below:

  • (00:25) Vibrating bowl with 600 parts/ min with directional control by camera
  • (01:22) Robotic pick and place with machine vision
  • (01:50) Vibrating bowl with springs disentangler
  • (02:23) Multi-format feeding with orientation by camera
  • (02:50) Double output centrifugal feeding with orientation by camera

Our feeding-systems-team is looking forward to advising you and studying your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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